PR2 Remote Lab


The PR2 Remote Lab allows remote researchers to make use of the PR2 robot.

The PR2 Remote Lab utilizes the latest tools and widgets for online robotics.


The PR2 Remote Lab is a web-centered remote laboratory comprising of a PR2 robot and the hardware/software infrastructure necessary for making it available for public Internet use. This project is designed to allow a larger group of researchers who may not have the resources to conduct work on a research-grade robot such as the PR2 to perform such research on a PR2.

The infrastructure used to create this lab is based on a variety of open source packages including the Robot Management System (RMS), Robot Web Tools project, and the Robot Operating System (ROS). This allows the software developed for the PR2 Remote Lab to be used to interact with any PR2 robot and on most robots running ROS.

This site provides information on the project and links to documentation to allow users to begin to interact with the robot in the remote lab as well as to connect this software to their own robots.